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Google Cloud Platform Training In Hyderabad

Open Source Technologies is one among the best trusted resource in the training domain delivering complete industry concentric training to its students. With the help of a team of qualified experts & mentors we are aimed at transforming the students into becoming complete career ready experts in their desired technologies. If you are a career enthusiast who is aiming at securing a career in the innovative cloud based technology of GCP then getting enrolled for our Open Source Technologies GCP Training In Hyderabad will surely be the ideal choice.

The top-notch hands-on based GCP training program here will make the students become well comfortable in handling all the advanced concepts which involves Cloud storage, Cloud SQL and Cloud Datastore, Advanced applications of Cloud Networking & further more.

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What Exactly Is GCP?

Google Cloud Platform or GCP is an advanced cloud based platform developed & maintained by the Google Company. With the help of GCP it becomes easy to access Google’s infrastructure to create your own server applications. Its public cloud based services extends to various domains like Data warehousing, Artificial Intelligence, Compute Engines, Data Storage, web hosting Etc. Its services are not just limited to Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), it also supports Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Software as a Service (SaaS).

Its on-demand cloud computing services have gathered a lot of hype & numerous opportunities have been created over the time. Make the most out of the rising career opportunities in the domain of GCP by getting enrolled for the Open Source Technologies highly advanced training program of GCP Course In Hyderabad.

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Learning Modules Of GCP Training In Hyderabad:

The course curriculum in this GCP Training In Hyderabad has been tailor made by experts so as to complement the present industry requirements. Along with theoretical knowledge students will also be building knowledge of practical implementation by working on real-world projects & industry based case studies on GCP.

The major set of learning modules that are included in this advanced Google Cloud Computing Training In Hyderabad program are

  • A detailed overview of Google Cloud Platform Fundamentals
  • Hands-on exposure towards working on Google App Engine and Google Cloud Datastore
  • Hands-on exposure towards working on Google Cloud Platform Storage Options
  • A detailed understanding of Google Container Engine
  • Complete overview of Google Compute Engine and Networking
  • Understanding the applications of GCP In Big Data & Machine Learning
  • Exposure to working on real-time projects & live industry case studies

Targeted Audience For GCP Training Program:

All the cloud computing career enthusiasts can be benefited from this advanced Google Cloud Platform Course In Hyderabad. The expert trainers here will help the students to transform into complete career ready experts in GCP & help them grab the best set of career opportunities.

Other set of audience who can be benefited from this advanced training program of GCP Course In Hyderabad are

  • Cloud Computing Professionals
  • Database Administrators
  • Networking Administrators
  • Technology Enthusiasts
  • Business Administrators
  • Degree Holders & Job Seekers
  • End Users

Open Source Technologies GCP Training Certification:

Availing the GCP training from our Open Source Technologies will help you transform into an all-round professional capable to handle all the industry challenges of this domain. Aspirants will also get to work on multiple mock interview sessions which will help them towards boosting their confidence levels towards cracking the interviews from top organizations.

Plan your career in GCP to perfection & transform into a dominant expert by availing our Open Source Technologies leading GCP Training In Hyderabad by experts.

Interested aspirants can prefer to avail our institutes Free Demo Session On GCP Training to grasp a better idea of our training approach.

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Very Good Help improve our skills 1. Good course material and structured modules in each course 2. Helpful instructors even during the class / off-


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I am a Customer at OpenSource Technologies . I attended the AWS Architect Training, I found the training to be very informative. The course content was excellent, just what I was after. The trainer was very knowledgeable. I found him to be very patient, he listened and answered everyone's questions. I especially liked the way he repeated and summarised the previous day's leanings at the start of each new day. I also liked his interactive style of training. OpenSource Technologies demonstrated the highest standard of professionalism in delivering the course content and their support to me in helping complete the project has been exceptional


3 5 1
The journey to AWS architect was great. The teacher was great and very patient with us specially having to deal with many students from all different background. I learned a lot about AWS and now I am currently register for Hadoop admin and eventually register for data science class.


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5 5 1
The best institute for attaining job oriented Hadoop training. All the concepts are explained in a clear way easily understandable to the students. I’ve gained complete hands on experience in working with all the practical implementations of Hadoop.


5 5 1
I’ve attained the best learning experience in AWS from this institute. Faculty will always be around in order to extend his support for the queries and software related issues.
My quest for the best Spark & Scala institute came to an end after attending the demo session for the same from this institute. The faculty here is very keen on making his students completely skilled in all the functionalities of Spark & Scala. The practical oriented training helped me a lot in better grasping of the subject knowledge.


5 5 1
Joining this institute I’ve got a chance to attain an exposure towards the industry oriented Robotics Automation training. This has helped me a lot in my career in securing a job as a Robotics automation professional.
Deciding to join this institute is so far the best choice I’ve made in my career. It helped me a lot in securing my future as a Cyber Security professional. All my colleagues are amazed by the skills I possess with such a little experience I have. Really thankful for the awesome training that I’ve received from this institute.

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